Sunday School at 9:45 AM


This Sunday School class is for all ages of adults who like to participate in lively discussions on a variety of topics led by various class members. The class uses adult Bible materials and/or a faith based book as a catalyst for discussions and personal reflections. The Friends Class meets on the 3rd floor in Room 304 of the Sanctuary Building.

Upper Room

This adult Bible class, organized in 1970, is blessed with many active retired couples and singles.  Led by Dr. Jerry Bruce, the class studies the Bible cover to cover–literally beginning with Genesis and working their way through to Revelation. The class meets on the 2nd floor of the Community Life Center.


The Challengers meets each Sunday to discuss how to live a productive, joyful and fulfilling life as they challenge each other to honor God by keeping the faith with the responsibilities and tasks God has given. The class is led by Rev. Ellen Willett and meets on the 2nd floor of the Community Life Center in Room 206.


This class of mostly over 65 seniors, emphasizes fellowship, sharing and social activities in addition to Sunday programming of Christian education. The class uses a weekly lesson from the Adult Bible Study, International Lesson Series.  J.O.Y. Class meets in the Conference Room on the 1st Floor of the Main Campus in Room 15.


This class of adults who are mostly 50 and over, enjoys in-depth discussions of lessons on a variety of topics, including social issues as well as Bible studies.  Inquirers meet on the 2nd floor of the Community Life Center in Room 205.

Sunday School at 11 AM


This is an inter-generational class of adults with diverse ideas.The class meets in the Community Life Center in Room 206.

The Journey Class

This class, made up of singles and couples in their 20s-40s is facilitated by Samantha Ward – All are welcome! Class meets on the 2nd floor of the Community Life Center in room 204.